Module 3 – Mind Mapping

My project is an integer mind map. We will be starting integers in our Math 7 classroom next and this mind map will be for how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them.

This is my first mind map project in my entire life. I’ve never used them or even taken the time to understand them. My mind doesn’t really think pictorially like this, so it feels challenging for me to even start to generate one.

This is my mind map.

Using mind mapping in my classroom

I’m pretty excited about the timing of this module for me. It comes right before we kick off our integer unit and I think we’ll start with using mind mapping for brainstorming. I know that our Library Media teacher is also taking this course, so I will talk to the kids about and I think they’ll be exposed to it in that classroom. We aren’t 1:1 with technology and I’m not sure if there will be a place for me to actually do this (or similar assignment) in my classroom, but some version of it could fit in if I arrange time in the computer lab during the course of the unit.

Comments on I think it is really frustrating that you can’t add images if you aren’t upgraded to a paid account. I know they need to make money, but with all the apps it seems like the useful things are paid and the others are free. There are always workarounds, but with these limitations I find that I’m not always happy with what I can do with the free version, don’t want to pay for the upgrades, so ultimately don’t end up liking the platform.



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